Web Development Training


Are you interested in Web Development Training in Chandigarh? Do you want to master the latest Web Development skills? webpedia Learning Solutions brings a highly motivating, extensive course in Web Development that will help you learn the basics as well as professional skills.

Web Design
Web Design is the most important and innovative process of creating websites. This process includes Webpage Layout, Content Production, and Graphic Design. Websites are mostly created using HTML.

Web Programming
Web Programming means writing coding part for web development. The most common example of web programming are HTML, XML, JavaScript and PHP Web programming is different from just programming .Web programming includes Web content ,Web client and Server scripting as well as security knowledge.

Web Publishing
Web Publishing means placing a newly created website on web server. Web publishing is also called as online publishing. It includes Creating and uploading of Websites, Updating WebPages, Blogs Posting, Content Publishing, Media Uploading and creating etc.

Database Management
After creating, Programming and publishing a website the next thing that is important for web development is database management (DBMS). It is a system or software that is used to create and maintain database for website on web server.



How To Start Your Career
If you are interested in becoming a web developer, you should enroll yourself in a course that prepares you for the challenges the profession poses. Before you build a portfolio or start looking for opportunities, you need to explore the scope of web development and learn the skills. webpedia is here to help you learn the skills and start working as web developer.